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We provide the highest level of personalized service that you can trust for your home or business.

New West Pest Control was started with some very simple goals in mind.  We wanted to provide quality, affordable, and dependable service.  With other companies you may get one or a combination of those but with New West, you get all three all the time.  After over 20 years of practicing those simple three goals, we have built up a business that is servicing a wide variety of customers.  Our clients include some of the best wineries in the Napa Valley and Sonoma County.  We also service many apartment complexes, home owner associations, office buildings, school districts, restaurants and many residences and estates in all three counties we service.

Organically Certified Products are now available.

The active ingredient in the products we are using are a combination of plant and/or tree oils and are very low toxic. Essentria IC3….Rosemary oil, Geraniol and Peppermint Oil would be used to spray the outside or inside of homes. Essentria Granules…..Clove Oil, Thyme Oil, Wintergreen Oil. This product would mostly be used during the rainy season as a substitute for Essentria IC3. Putting the granules down in wet weather actually activates the product. Essentria Dust….Soybean oil, Clove oil. This product would mostly be used to eliminate yellow jacket or wasp nests but could be used in wall voids to control insects.


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We are in the process of building up a new routue to add a new local technician and we are looking for more clients in Napa Sonoma and Marin Counties.